Explore the Chaos & Beauty of Rio De Janeiro

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Live and interactive tour with your guide in Rio.

Brazil is a country of contradictions. Warm-hearted, charismatic locals live in the favelas (slums) in Rio despite clear social problems ranging from drug gang control to lack of access to resources, education and government assistance. 

Just for a day, step into Rio’s favelas to experience the humanity, culture and controversy of Brazil with your team. 

For this experience, the team will:

  1. Become immersed in the rich culture & history of  the favelas in Rio with our local guide on a tour through his neighbourhood, currently controlled by the Red Command, one of the most lethal criminal organizations in Brazil. 
  2. Learn about the challenges, resilience and creativity of the people living in the favelas.
  3. Break your perceptions about social class and poverty. 

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