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How Visual Thinking Can Improve Your Remote Communication

Visual Thinking for remote teams

Strong communication is key to success when working with a remote team. But remote communications also happens to be the biggest challenge faced by the remote team.

Whether it’s a lack of physical cues, cultural differences, time zones, or anything else, there is an endless list of causes that can create blocks to foster an open and effective virtual team communication.

Virtual (Reality) Travel: The Green Lining, The Limitations & The Future Direction

virtual travel feature image

The pandemic is altering how we travel. Businesses operating in the tourism industry have been offering consumers the opportunity to explore the world through virtual reality. With the travellers remaining grounded, virtual reality is embraced as a marketing tool and a discussion is going on in the world of tourism: will interest in traveling virtually […]

Must Have Tools For Remote Teams (Besides Slack & Zoom)

remote work tools

2021 continues to be the year of working from home. While we love the flexibility of working wherever we want, it can also be challenging at times.When we’re in a co-located team, it might seem easier to brainstorm, communicate and collaborate. That being the case, it’s important that remote teams have the right collaboration tools. […]

4 Awesome Cultural Diversity Event Ideas From the Comfort of Your Couch

Culture and Diversity

Cultural diversity events in a workplace are more critical than ever. The global pandemic has made fostering an inclusive company culture even more valuable. Organisation recognised that the pandemic has given a profound impact on employee’s well being and increases the risk of workplace burnout. For that reason, a commitment to cultural diversity is needed […]

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